Alpha and Omega

Not much to say about this one. It was from the 2019 November Poem a Day prompt “Alpha.” Me being me, of course I automatically jumped to the scriptural references.

Happy new year, friends. God is in control.

Alpha and Omega

Originally written November 2, 2019

You’re Alpha and Omega, first and last,
Beginning, end, and everything between—
The essence of all things, known and unseen,
The source of all to come, and all that’s past.
And all of time is just a grain of sand
Lost in the ocean of a fuller grace
That in itself is in a greater place:
A tiny puddle in a holy land
That has no boundaries—rather, overflows
With life abundant, glorious and free
All feeding into one eternal tree—
Yet it’s not without help that all life grows:
For every garden needs a gardener.
The one who plants and tends: That’s who You are.

Photo by Victor Malyushev on Unsplash

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