The Temptations of Mortal Flesh

Originally written January 19, 2014. #117.

An incubus is hov’ring over me
His voice is gentle, and his smile is coy,
He whispers, softly, lying pleasantly.

He feeds off daydreams, things that cannot be:
Endearing ones, designed not to annoy.
An incubus is hov’ring over me.

He speaks of castles built beside the sea,
Of decadence, and of a certain boy.
He whispers softly, lying pleasantly,

“Forsake your duties, live pleasurably.
Do only those things that you will enjoy.”
An incubus is hov’ring over me.

I’m sorely tempted to live selfishly.
He has me at his whim; I am his toy.
He whispers softly, lying pleasantly.

Lord, give me strength. Lord, help me now to see
How fat he grows now, feeding off my joy:
This incubus who hovers over me,
Who whispers softly, lying pleasantly.

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