Sonnet Sunday 87: Six Thousand Years

I don’t remember the context of today’s sonnet, other than that I was obviously reflecting on Genesis. I think we may have been talking about the creation story in Sunday School, and there was a lot of #metoo action at the time.

One quick note: I believe in a God powerful enough that he could have created the world in six days if He chose to; hence the 6,000 year mark. That said, if God created the Earth via the process of evolution six billion years ago, it doesn’t bother me. The important thing to me is that God created it. I don’t get enough traffic on here that anyone would have gotten into a debate about it, but it was worth stating.

Six Thousand Years

Originally written October 17, 2017

Six thousand years the curse has ruled the land.
Six thousand years the thorns and thistles rules.
Six thousand years from Paradise now banned.
Six thousand years the Serpent has us fooled.

Six thousand years the woman’s suffered pain—
Abuse and catcalls, domineering men—
Six thousand years, the man has toiled in vain—
His work is swallowed up by fire and fen.

Six thousand years the land’s been crying out—
The blood of innocents yet taints the ground.
Six thousand years—how long, Lord, ’til the shout?
Until the day that Your great trump resounds?

And will it take six thousand long years more
Until You come to heal and to restore?

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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