Sonnet Sunday 102: Days of the Weak

Today’s sonnet was in response to a November Poem a Day prompt on “Days of the Week.” More than that, though, it’s a reflection of watching friends on social media deal with invisible illnesses and stereotypes.

Days of the Weak

It took two hours to get out of bed—
Two hours for the medicine to work.
At last she felt that she could lift her head;
Felt well enough to function through the hurt—

She stood up, rubbed her swollen abdomen,
And made a big bland bowl of oatmeal.
She did her stretches, took her meds again,
And hoped that, maybe someday, she could heal.

She needed meds—she drove out to the store,
And, with her sticker, parked in Handicapped.
But didn’t make it halfway to the door
Before an angry woman came and snapped—

“You don’t look sick, you selfish girl! You lied!”
Back home, the girl just took more meds and cried.

Photo by Vittore Buzzi on Unsplash

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