Sonnet Sunday 101: Fortune Favors the Bold (Part 2)

This is the thematic sequel to last week’s sonnet. I wrote it two years later, for the November poetry prompt “Brave.” As such, it wasn’t written for any specific incident, but it is a reflection of how I’ve become a bit more proactive in moving on ideas. Getting a “no” answer or having a door closed isn’t that bad. It’s certainly better than not moving forward at all.

Fortune Favors the Bold

Sometimes I just don’t feel like being brave;
Don’t feel like getting out of my warm bed;
Would rather keep my dreams inside my head.
But fear would have me live life as a slave
To could-have beens and possibilities,
To chance and circumstance and nagging doubt.
My world within is safer than without,
Than facing choices and uncertainties.
But if I’m brave, and if I choose to act,
And move to make my hopes and daydreams real,
Whether I win, or lose and need to heal,
If I take action, I move on in Fact.
It is far better to face hurt and know
Than to keep hiding, and thus never grow.

Photo by BBH Singapore on Unsplash

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