As Through Fire

This is somewhat of a postscript to last week’s sonnet. In Sunday School, while Facebook was starting to blow up in reaction to what I wrote, we talked about the judgment seat of Christ, and how even as believers, so many of our deeds will be tossed out without making it through the fire (1 Cor. 3:10-15 comes to mind). And all I could think was, “Praise God!” As I re-evaluate my beliefs and either affirm them or change them according to what I see in the Bible, I want to get them right, but I know I won’t always. I can’t! I’m human! I’m limited! And the good news is that through faith in Christ, by His grace I’ll be saved anyway. And I won’t have to carry my wrongness into Heaven with me.

As Through Fire

Originally written October 27, 2019. #123.

Praise God that each of my unrighteous works
Will one day face the fireā€”be burned away;
That every sinful dead and thought that lurks
Within my heart will turn to ash that day;
That I will not be asked to bear my sins
Into the New Creation, darkening
The glorious future. Rather, I’LL begin
Eternal life with what few meager things
Have been refined by fire, and turned to gold
(Those too-few deeds that came from a pure heart),
And though there may not be enough to mold
A little ring, yet I’ll have a fresh start.
One day my worthless deeds will disappear:
May I approach that day with joy, not fear!

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