A Christmas Sonnet: Act IV

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A Christmas Sonnet: Act IV

Originally written April 15, 2019. #130

A grave, a grave! Beneath a willow tree,
Scrooge watched Bob lay his child into the ground.
Each shovelful of dirt, laid tenderly—
More like a blanket than a burial mound.
Scrooge turned and saw a marble monument—
Gilded, ornate—a wealthy, lonely tomb.
To convey status: that was its intent.
Instead, neglected: adding to the gloom.
There were no flowers. No-one gathered there.
Only the worms and rodents came to play.
The net result of wealth at once laid bare:
No hope, no friends for Resurrection Day—
No advocate for Scrooge to speak his name:
Only a crumbling stone as his work’s claim.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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