A Christmas Sonnet: Act I

I’ve always been fond of A Christmas Carol, and last year I decided it was time to write my own adaptation. Over the next 5 weeks I’ll be sharing a sonnet based on each act of the story, probably without commentary. It is worth noting that I’m assuming you know the story. If not, go watch the Muppet version and then come back.

A Christmas Sonnet: Act I

Originally written 12/17/18. #127

A ghost, a ghost. The knocker on the door:
Brass melted, twisted into Marley’s face.
“It’s humbug,” said old Scrooge, but checked before
He sat down by his marble fireplace
To see if anyone had broken in
To prank him in his restful solitude—
No, only Marley, cord around his chin,
And clanking chains, and baleful attitude—
To say old Scrooge himself would soon be damned!
Yes, Scrooge, who paid his taxes and his tithe.
Yes, Scrooge, with men and money at command:
He doubted there were such as he alive,
Who owed nothing to gods nor men nor beast,
And treated all the same, the great and least.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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