Sonnet Sunday 70: Oh Lord, Who Made

Not much to say about this one, other than that I wrote it while stargazing, and that I’m not good at naming things. Oh, and the photo was taken yesterday on a gloriously windy day at Grand Haven on Lake Michigan. I think I get more of a sense of God’s nature on a wild and stormy day than a sunny one. After all, Aslan’s not a tame lion.

Oh Lord, Who Made

Originally written November 2, 2015

Oh Lord, who made the stars and blackest night,
Oh Lord, who made the moon and rising sun,
Who rules over the shadows and the light,
Who knows our end before our day’s begun,
Oh God who made the mountains and the trees,
Who made the valleys and the seas below,
Who holds the rain, and makes the wind to cease,
And who, on Heaven’s mantle, hangs His bow,
Who knows both lowly ant and eagle grand,
Who made the mouse for foxes as their prey,
Who makes the strong to stumble, weak to stand,
Who art my Father: Grant to me this day
That I may seek alone to do Your will;
That I may listen when you say: Be still.

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