Sonnet Sunday 61: Sunflower

It’s sunflower season! Have a sunflower-inspired love poem.

For the record, this poem changed fairly significantly since I first wrote it in 2015. The changes are definite improvements, but I do miss one line I cut: “For what is found again must first be gone.” Interesting concept, just not for this poem.


My friend, your words are like the burning sun
And I, a sunflower, will turn my face
From morning light, until the day is done
To catch a glimpse of brilliant, golden rays.
And when the night begins, and starlight falls,
And in your silence, darkness finds its voice,
My head shall droop, my bloom and hope withdraw:
In great, wild loneliness, I face a choice
To bow my head, facing the bitter ground
And to let fall my undeveloped seeds,
Or face the east, wherein my hope is found,
And raise my face to the true light I need.
Your silence will not last. No: I will rest,
And rise up with the morning and be blessed.

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