Sonnet Sunday 13: The Lonely Heart

Image Credit: Istvan Berta

I’ve never been someone who guys have naturally found attractive, nor am I particularly forward about my feelings. The net result has been a fair number of one-sided crushes on my part. Today’s sonnet is a 10ish-year-old product of one of them. Even though I’ve probably been stuck in this position more than most people, I’d still like to think it’s a common experience.

The Lonely Heart

Words said in jest might mean a thousand things,
A simple smile might mean a thousand more;
A glance leaves wearied, sad hearts wondering,
And silence leaves the optimist unsure.
he lonely heart, now burdened with desire,
With jealous passion looks for love’s return.
An accidental brush may raise a choir;
A glance elsewhere, and fear of lover’s scorn.
If only I could peek inside your brain
And trace the trails of your unconscious thought
Love’s symptoms, I, physician, to explain—
Or honest nothingness. Though then distraught,
I’d rather have discovered it a bluff
Than to remain uncertain and in love.